CALS manufactures high-performance lubricating greases for power trains, chassis, exterior, interior, and electric parts for automotive parts.
Lubricating greases are designed to meet the expectation and technical specifications of all automotive parts.
Automotive parts require different performance for each part. It is necessary to maximize the performance required by each part to ensure excellent lubrication even under harsh conditions.
  • Power train: As a lubricating grease for drive systems such as the engine, transmission, and constant velocity joint, it is pivotal to have high heat resistance, durability, and NVH reduction.
  • Chassis: Need to reduce NVH, such as low friction and low torque in braking, steering, and suspension systems
  • Exterior : Excellent protection function in extreme external environments (such as water resistance & heat resistance is required) (window motor & sunroof drive part, tailgate, etc.)
  • Interior: Noise reduction and material protection such as plastic and rubber (i.e. various interior materials such as plastic for various switches, glove/ console box)
  • e-Mobility: Provide smart and energy-efficient solution (EV, FEV, BEV parts)